Meet our 2017 Ambassadors! 

Angelina H. 

Angelina joins our ambassador team with a wealth of knowledge about the running community and events. She participates in nearly 12 runs a year and is a very excited runner. Angelina boasts that her greatest accomplishments are usually off the race course and most with engaging people about running and getting them excited about their own accomplishments. Angelina can be found on Twitter @AHbeachgal.  

Alina C.

Alina began started running in 2012 after moving away to college and needing a way to de-stress. After being told she couldn’t be a “runner," she has since completed 12 half marathons, directed a 5K at her university, and is a member of the Spokane Swifts, a women's competitive running team. Alina is new to Seattle and will begin her senior practicum for nursing at Harborview Medical Center. Follow her on Instagram at @alinarobyn.

Alina C..jpg

Doug S. 

Doug S.jpg

Welcome back, Doug! Our favorite military man was one of the more enthusiastic gems of our 2016 ambassador team. We welcome Doug back mostly for his positive outlook and ability to engage runners who run with a purpose. Despite dealing with injuries (chronic inflammation), Doug still managed 21 half marathons in 2016 for a total of 76 since 2009, two full marathons, and three extended relays. Oh, and according to him, a few slices of pie, ala-mode of course! Find Doug on Facebook.

Erica B. 

Erica is another favorite returning as a Seattle Marathon ambassador. We've enjoyed Erica's willingness to support our events, either by actively spreading the word or putting in a bit of elbow grease. Erica works in women's health as a physical therapist. She loves to travel and has run events in London, San Fran, and Vancouver, BC. But ask Erica and she'll tell you that there is no place better than the PNW. Find Erica on Instagram at @elynbryant.

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Erin M..jpg

Erin was first introduced to the Seattle Marathon when she was 10 years old. Her mom ran the 2002 event, where she joined mom for the last 0.2 miles. Even though an athlete, Erin never imagined she could run a half marathon until 2013. She was hooked, and then committed herself to a full marathon, running Portland in 2016. While training, Erin learned: "1) A bad run is more important than a good run: as is life, the hard times make you stronger just as the hardest runs make you a better athlete. 2) Literally running away from your problems can help solve them: running helps figure out what you want (and don’t want). 3) GNB (Grin N Bear it): There were so many times I wanted to stop running for a variety of reasons. The fact that I made a training plan and stuck to it, I now know that I can do anything." Find Erin on Instagram @erinruns206

kelly L.

Kelly has run more than 30 half marathons and 11 marathons. She is training for her first 50k in April. Kelly credits running with making her come alive and helping her talk more to people. She enjoys learning about people's running stories. Running has been a gift to Kelly, creating a community for her that is just like family. Find Kelly at @kellyrunsandhikes on Instagram. 


kelly L.JPG


kimberley w.

Kimberley is back for her second year as a Seattle Marathon ambassador. While her running resume is impressive -- 46 marathons, four ultra marathons, 3 half marathons and several 5ks, 10ks, 12ks, and 30ks -- Kimberley is pretty inspiring. She is currently pursuing her teaching certification and running coach certification to become a middle school track and field coach. She also works with elementary schools to encourage children to get excited about physical education. She's taken her running a step further by fundraising for World Vision and clean water initiatives and to honor a dear friend who passed away. We're glad to have her back! Find her on Facebook: kimberley


marlyce C.

Marlyce has been running since she was 7 years old, when she ran her first 5K with her dad. She kept running on the soccer field in high school and at Mississippi State University. In the past few years, you'll find her competing in triathlon, from sprint to Ironman. She even qualified to compete with Team USA at the World Championships. Still... her best feat, might have been running her first marathon with her dad in Nashville in 2013. Find Marlyce on Facebook!

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miki n.

Miki likes running for two reasons: it's challenging and it's social. As an ambassador, Miki hopes to share all the benefits of running, including discipline, dedication, and having an active lifestyle with the help of supportive running communities. She's excited to share her passion for running in the city that she loves with participants who might need that extra encouragement to sign up for a life-changing event. Miki also advocates for the preservation of affordable housing and pitbull rescue efforts. Find her @running_miki on Instagram or on Twitter @mikster202.

monirul h.

We're glad to have Monirul back for a second year because he's just a classy guy. Monirul's running life began out of envy. As a once heavy smoker, Monirul could not even run around the block. He was envious of all the healthy runners. So, his determination to quit smoking and to run around the block started it all. He can't keep count anymore of all his races, never slowing down for anything. He even ran a race with plantar fasciitis in both his feet. Welcome back, Moni! Find him on Facebook.  

Monirul H..jpg


sandy n. 

Last year, when Sandy, a Korean-American, signed up to run the Seattle Marathon, she was literally told by members of her family, "I don't think you can do it." While hurt, those words became motivation to train, to break gender and cultural stereotypes, and to start a workplace running club in which 3 of her colleagues followed her lead and ran half marathons. Through her perseverance, Sandy has motivated others, including her family members, to lace up and run. She is committed to helping others meet their goals, in and out of running shoes. Find her on Instagram @sandynamgung