Trackers: Do Right


Here are a few examples of "Do rights" or "good deeds" to get you started on your way.

  1. Take out the trashDo Right
  2. Do the dishes
  3. Mow the lawn
  4. Rake the leaves
  5. Carry in the groceries
  6. Collect newspapers for charity
  7. Read a book to a younger child/sibling
  8. Get 5 friends to each do a good deed
  9. Set the table for dinner
  10. Volunteer at a local charity
  11. Send a card to a Senior Home
  12. Help a friend with their schoolwork
  13. Pick up litter in your neighborhood
  14. Collect and donate items to charity
  15. Donate old toys to charity
  16. Volunteer at a local running or sporting event
  17. Volunteer at a summer camp
  18. Walk an elderly neighbor's dog
  19. Help your grandparents with housework/chores
  20. Clean the house while your parents are out
  21. Help someone with their bags getting off of a bus
  22. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  23. Tidy shelves in a supermarket
  24. Hold a door open for someone
  25. Help another kid do a good deed
  26. Pay someone else's bus fare when they can't
  27. Let someone have your seat on the bus
  28. Wake up early and make breakfast
  29. Say Hi and smile at people you don't know
  30. If a classroom is messed up start to clean it without being asked