Parent Info


  1. The first 25 miles are “honor” miles. Kids get the most from this experience if they earn these miles. Measure a safe, secure route, which will allow easy record keeping. A typical city block for example, is approximately 1/4 mile around. The track at the local high school is 1/4 mile around. You can even measure a route inside your home and run/walk it to reach the mileage goal. We encourage you to join your kids and make this a family event. Please follow the training tips on the registration brochure.

  3. As your marathoner completes his/her goals, he/she can keep track of progress using the following trackers:


    They can also use the Adult Marathon map to see where they would be if they were on the adult course. Daily record keeping is a lesson as kids chart their progress toward their goal.

  5. Please present the “award tokens” at 5, 10, 15 and 20 miles (kids can choose the award they want). Present the chain with the first award token. Upon completion of 25 miles, present the 25-mile award. Special Read, Do-Right and Run Certificates are also iincluded and should be handed out for each goal reached. Make the awards presentation a special time. Recognition is important!

  7. The final 1.2 miles will start at 10:00am on Saturday November 28, 2015 at the Seattle Center. Kids and parents should arrive no later than 9:00am at the kids staging area located inside Memorial Stadium in the north bleachers, where we will have pre-event activities. Make sure to bring your tracking meters so we can post them at the event on Race Day! Kids, parents and race officials will move from there to the Start Line together.

  9. Please Note! Parents/Coaches, you may run with your child, but it is not mandatory. If you do choose to run, you will be required to wear a bib/runners number. For safety, no one is allowed on the course without a bib. Each child may have only one adult accompanying them. Every child who enters the event will be given two bibs with the same number—one for the child and one for an accompanying adult. For lost parent/child reasons, the child and adult bibs will both contain the child’s information. If you have a younger child in a stroller accompanying you, that child will have to be entered in the event and have a bib number to be on the course.