Race Day Info


Come prepared for a variety of weather conditions. Average temperature for late November is mid-40s (7 deg. C) with cloudy and calm skies. Late fall weather in Seattle is very unpredictable. There is always a chance of rain, wind, and colder temperatures.

Parking & Transportation

Find and reserve guaranteed parking with Parking PandaThe Seattle Marathon Association does not provide transportation to the Start Line. Local pay lots and street parking are available at or near the Seattle Center. The parking garage at Fourth and Mercer will open at 5:45 am. See the Parking Map on the Course & Maps page for more info. Be sure to allow time to park and walk to the Start Line.

Street Closures

For info on street closures and neighborhood impact, see the Course & Maps page.

Seattle Center Monorail & Buses

Seattle Center Monorail

Seattle Center Monorail will open early at 6:45am for the Seattle Marathon! The Monorail is a fast, direct link between Westlake Center Mall (400 Pine Street) and Seattle Center (close proximity to the start line).

To access Westlake Center station on race day, please use the stairwell/elevator at street level on 5th Avenue between Pine Street and Olive Way (across the street from Nordstrom, under the Monorail beams). The Monorail departs from downtown every 10 minutes and is CASH ONLY. Adult one-way is $2.25, adult roundtrip is $4.50. ORCA cards are not accepted on the Monorail. For more information, visit

Bus Transportation

For information on Metro Transit bus routes serving the Seattle Center, see the Metro website or call 206.553.3000.

Transportation from the Victory Recovery Area to The Westin Seattle will be available from 9:00am until the final participant crosses the finish line. This service is free to participants and $2.00 for family and friends. Buses will be staged on Mercer Avenue in front of the Victory Recovery Area (Seattle Center Exhibition Hall).

Walking to the Start Line from The Westin Seattle

For participants staying at The Westin Seattle, the Start Line is a 0.9 mile walk from the hotel. Head north on 5th Ave. Follow the Monorail track (running above 5th Ave.) to the start at 5th and Harrison.

Clothing Check

Clothing Check is located in Memorial Stadium's north side tunnel, directly behind the upper stadium seats. Clothing Check will be available to race participants starting at 6:30 am. Volunteers will be available to store and retrieve your bag. All bags must be clearly marked with your bib number. Under no circumstances should you bring valuables, as the Seattle Marathon Association is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Finishers taking 6 1/2 hours or longer may claim their bag at the Finish Line.

Lost and Found

Any items found on the course will be brought to Clothing Check. Please see a clothing check volunteer if you have lost or found an item. All lost and found clothing not claimed at the end of race day will be donated to charity. For information on lost and found items of value, please contact the Seattle Marathon Association Office at 206.729.3660 M-F between 9 am and 4 pm.

Timing Services and Results

The race is timed using ChronoTrack tag technology. Your tag is incorporated into your bib, which must be picked up at EXPO. Your results cannot be posted unless the bib and tag is worn in the proper manner. For more info and instructions on proper tag use, see the Timing page.

  • Unofficial results will be posted in the Victory Recovery Area (Seattle Center Exhibition Hall) and on the Results page on this website twenty minutes after the first runner crosses the finish line. Friends and family can check the website for up-to-the-minute race results.
  • Not wearing the bib/tag will result in missing split times, which may result in disqualification.
  • An official Results Issue with complete Marathon and Half Marathon results will be available online in December.

Any change requests regarding the unofficial results must be submitted within three days after the race by contacting the Seattle Marathon Association office. Failure to contact us within three days may result in your times not being listed in our web results or in the Results Issue.

Live Runner Updates

Share Your Progress on Race Day! This year, you, your friends, fans and family can receive updates on your progress on race day via social media. Runners can have their progress posted to their Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as receive SMS text messages after crossing checkpoints along each course. Non-participants can also sign up to follow their favorite runners!

The texts and social media updates go out within just a few second after the runner crosses a timing point.

Sign up for runner updates here the week before the event.

Timing Points

4.5 miles4.5 miles
8.1 miles6.5 miles
13.1 milesFINISH
20 miles

The Course

Rolling course with hilly sections and scenic views of Downtown Seattle and Lake Washington. RRCA certified 26.2 and 13.1 mile courses. For your safety, absolutely no dogs, bikes, inline skates or strollers allowed on the course.

Half Marathon Course: The course starts at 5th Avenue, between Harrison and Broad, in front of the Experience Music Project. Entrants will travel through downtown streets, along the shores of beautiful Lake Washington, through the Arboretum and back to Seattle Center. For a map, see the Course Info page.

Marathon Course: Marathon entrants will follow the same course as the Half Marathoners with an added section crossing the Lake Washington floating bridge (I-90) and looping around scenic Seward Park. For a map, see the Course Info page.

Boston Marathon Qualifier

The marathon course is USATF certified and can be used as a Boston Marathon qualifier. For details, see the Boston Marathon site.

Course Markings/Split Times

Each mile and five-kilometer marker will be clearly labeled on the race courses. Split times will be called at each marker (as permitted by the number of volunteers). Half Marathon split times will be electronically recorded and available in Marathon Results.

Spectator Locations

Spectators can watch finishers approach and cross the finish line inside Memorial Stadium. Good cheer spots along the course include:

  • 5th Ave
  • Lake Washington Blvd
  • Dexter Ave
  • Mercer Street

Refer to the course map for specific locations.

Water/Aid Stations

Water/Aid stations are approximately every two miles. There are 15 Water/Aid Stations on the full marathon course and 10 on the half marathon course. Refer to the course map for locations.

Talking Rain water and Gatorade Endurance Formula sports drink will be available at each station, in addition to basic medical items and Honey Bucket portable toilets. GU will be available between mile 5 and 6 for the Half Marathon and at approximately miles 10, 16, and 18 for the Full Marathon. Each aid station will remain open to support a 6-hour marathon run pace.

TalkingRain is the official water sponsor of the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon 2015. For more information about TalkingRain water, please visit

Gatorade Endurance Formula is the exclusive and official sports drink of the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon 2015. Gatorade Endurance Formula (Lemon-Lime flavor) is served at each aid station along the course. Gatorade Endurance Formula is a specialized sports drink that contains approximately twice the amount of sodium (200 mg per 8 ounces) of Gatorade Thirst Quencher, along with chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium to help sustain hydration by more fully replacing what is lost in sweat. Gatorade Endurance Formula also contains a 6% carbohydrate solution (14 grams per 8 ounces), just like Gatorade Thirst Quencher, which research shows is optimal to help speed fluid back into the body and fuel working muscles. For more information about Gatorade Endurance Formula, please visit

GU is the exclusive and official energy gel of the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon 2015. GU is available in selected locations along the marathon and half marathon courses. See the course map for location details. For more information about GU Energy Gel, please visit

Race Time Limit

All event routes will be opened to regular vehicular traffic at 2:15pm. This allows for a seven-hour Marathon Walk finish and a six-hour Marathon Run finish. There will be limited on-course aid stations, Course Marshals and police support after the course closes. Participants may continue along the course after the official closure by obeying all standard traffic control devices. Finish Line staff and essential services will remain until every athlete has completed the event. Additionally, all marathon participants still on the I-90 floating bridge after 10:30am will be bussed to the end of the bridge and allowed to finish the marathon. This allows for a 24 min/mile pace for walkers and an 16 min/mile pace for runners.

Wheelchair/Hand Crank Competition

Athletes using a wheelchair or hand crank are welcome to compete in the Marathon and Half Marathon races. Both courses are fully paved and provide wheelchair/hand crank athletes the opportunity for unbridled competition. The lead wheelchairs/hand cranks will have an escort throughout the race. Competitors must wear hard shell helmets and wheelchairs/hand cranks must be adequately equipped for safety. Wheelchair/hand crank competitors should especially note the risks regarding the nature of the course such as bollards and the possibility of other traffic on the course.

Medical Assistance

Provided by our Official Medical Coverage Sponsor, UW Medicine. If medical assistance is required on the race course, contact one of the orange-capped radio operators, who will be able to summon emergency assistance or van transportation if required. If you drop out, please notify an aid station attendant, radio operator or anyone inside the information booth in the Victory Recovery Area so the information can be relayed to the event support staff.

Race Security

The Seattle Marathon Association has always worked closely with the Seattle Police Department and Special Events committee to ensure the safety of our runners and spectators.

The following measures have and will continue to be taken at every Seattle Marathon Association event:

  • Police and medic units stationed at start and finish line, as well as along the race course
  • No spectators allowed in the immediate finish line area
  • Runners are not permitted to linger or wait for another runner in the finish line area
  • Designated area for spectators to view the finish line from outside the fenced corral or from the Memorial Stadium stands
  • No spectators allowed on I-90 express lanes or inside I-90 tunnel
  • Only runners, Race Officials and medical personnel will be allowed within the start and finish corrals

In the wake of the tragic incidents at this year's Boston Marathon, we will continue to work with the mayor and city municipalities and we are making arrangements with them about the following additional measures:

  • Bomb-sniffing dogs, uniformed national guardsmen, more thorough bag searches
  • Additional police security at Expo, start, finish and post-race recovery area
  • Additional patrolling on the race course
  • Publishing requests to runners and spectators to be alert and report abandoned bags or backpacks to race officials
  • Requiring members of the press to present Photo ID AND pre-arranged Seattle Marathon credentials before access to restricted areas, in addition to their bags and equipment being subject to inspection
  • Participants, spectators and volunteers subject to random and/or mandatory bag checks during Expo and race day
  • Communicating to runners that items left at the start or finish line will be discarded
  • Strongly encouraging that spectators not bring backpacks

The Seattle Marathon Association is urging citizens (both runners and spectators) to watch for suspicious behavior, including unattended packages, backpacks, etc and report such activity to Race Officials.


As with most sports, participating in a marathon or half marathon involves a number of inherent risks, including but not limited to tripping and falling, contact with other participants or spectators and the effects of weather, traffic and road conditions. Because the courses are run on roads, streets and trails, there are posts and possible potholes. Additionally, there may be other foot and bicycle traffic on the course. All participants need to be prepared to avoid obstacles and traffic. In submitting your entry, you are acknowledging your awareness and assumption of all risks associated with your participation. You are certifying that you are medically and physically fit to safely compete in this event.

Safety Rules

The Seattle Marathon Association is a member of the Road Runners Club of America and as such is required through its membership insurance to exclude entrants with bicycles, skateboards, baby joggers or strollers, roller skates, roller blades or animals. iPods and other mp3 players may be used, but are not encouraged by RRCA or the Seattle Marathon Association. For safety reasons, if a course official asks you to remove your listening device, please do so. Entrants choosing to violate these safety conditions pose a danger to all participants. Persons found in violation of these safety rules will be disqualified and removed from the course.

Victory Recovery Area

Medical attention, hot soup, and other refreshments will be available in the Victory Recovery Area, located in the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. There will be designated changing areas for men and women. Family and friends are invited to relax and celebrate with their finishers in the family reunion area in the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall.

Massage, Acupuncture and Chiropractic Care

The Washington Sports Massage Team (WSMT), Bastyr University and Washington State Chiropractic Association (WSCA) will be located in the Victory Recovery Area.

WSMT will provide a 15-minute professional sports massage to finishers for a $18 fee. Massages can be purchased on site or in advance using the entry form.

Bastyr University will be providing Acupuncture to finishers for free. There is no need to sign up for Acupuncture in advance. Just go to the Acupuncture booth on Race Day for walk-up service.

WSCA will be assisting UW Medical Center at the finish line as well as providing chiropractic care in the Victory Recovery Area.


MarathonFoto is the Official Photographer and Videographer of the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon 2015. All marathon and half marathon run and walk finishers will be photographed and recorded on video. A proof will be emailed to each finisher within one week of the event. Enlargements can be ordered through MarathonFoto. For more information, call 800.424.3686, Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm Eastern, or visit them on the web at

Medals and Awards

Each Marathon Run, Half Marathon Run, Marathon Walk and Half Marathon Walk finisher will receive a commemorative finisher’s medal at the finish line. In addition, special awards are given to the top finishers for both the Marathon Run and Half Marathon Run in the following categories.

Overall Awards: Presented to the top three men and women finishers in both the Marathon and Half Marathon events.

Age Division Awards: Presented to the top ten men and women in each age division in both the Marathon and Half Marathon as follows: 19 and under, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85 and over.

Masters Division Awards: Presented to the fastest male and female finishers, age 40 and over, in both events.

Wheelchair/Hand Crank Division Awards: Presented to the fastest male and female wheelchair/hand crank finishers in both events.

Active Military Awards: Presented to the top three male and female finishers in both events who are actively serving in the U.S. military.

Walk Events: Please note that the Marathon Walk and Half Marathon Walk will be timed but are not intended to be race walking competitions as set forth by the USATF. No awards will be presented for these events. Finishers will have their achievement commemorated with an alphabetical listing — including finish time — in the Results Issue.

Award Presentation: Overall 1st – 3rd place awards will be presented to winners at the finish line. Age division and other awards will be mailed 2 – 3 weeks after the event. All awards not picked up on race day will be mailed.

2014 AWARDS UPDATE: Due to machine issues at the manufacturer part of our awards have been delayed. First Place and Masters awards have been shipped. The rest will be shipped as soon as they arrive. You may check back here for updates.

Please note that the Marathon Walk and Half Marathon Walk will be timed but are not intended to be race walking competitions as set forth by the USATF. No awards will be presented for these events.