Are you ready for #RunSea15Hunt?

This is a scavenger hunt of a different nature. Instead of searching for hidden things, you’ll be creating moments – based on a list of prompts - which you’ll capture by photo or video and post to your favorite social media platform (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram). Items will be fun, silly, heartwarming and… challenging.

The hunt list will be posted on  Thursday, November 26th. Submissions can be posted through Sunday, November 29th at 5pm. The winner will be announced Wednesday December 2nd at 2pm.

How do you join? Complete the registration below. Participants not registered for #RunSea15Hunt will not be eligible to win.

Think you've got what it takes? Register below.

**By completing this form and participating in #RunSea15Hunt, you agree that all images and video submitted by you become property of the Seattle Marathon Association and may be used in future promotional materials.


  • You do not need to be a participant of the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon to participate in #RunSea15Hunt (so tell your friends and supporters!) But you do need to register above.
  • Point values listed are the maximum points available (unless "Bonus points" are mentioned.
  • Points are awarded on creativity as well as completion and partial points can be earned.
  • To be counted, each submissions must:
    • Be posted either to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram
    • Be posted under a registered user name. 
    • Include the List Item #
    • Include the hashtag #RunSea15Hunt 
  • No submissions will be accepted after 5pm PST on Sunday, November 29, 2015
  • No more rules. Just have fun!

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Prizes will be awarded to the highest-scoring INDIVIDUAL and the highest-scoring TEAM. (Teams can consist of up to 5 members. And team name must be included during registration).

Prizes to include:

  • 2016 Race entries
  • Official @SeattleMarathon swag
  • 2016 Official Ambassador position (for highest-scoring individual)
  • Other surprises!

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This is The List. It is long and ambitious. Enjoy.

  1. Who are you? Introduce yourself with a selfie. - Image 5pts
  2. Give us a glimpse of your training route. Image or Video 10pts
  3. The Seattle Marathon Association has several non-profit charity partners (you can find them here). Pick your favorite and make a donation to that charity. Show us your confirmation page. - Image 50pts
  4. Tweet or message your favorite celebrity and tell them why they should run this year's @SeattleMarathon. Extra points if they reply. Bonus points if they sign up. - Image 10pts
  5. Wear your Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon gear to a formal/semi-formal occasion. - Image 25pts
  6. Completing a marathon is a feat of mind-over-matter. Share your favorite mantra that gets you to the finish line. - Image 10pts
  7. The Seattle Children's Kids Marathon encourages kids to run a mile a day. Let us see you running with a child. - Image 25pts
  8. Get the hashtag #RunSea15 spelled out at night with glowing things. - Image 25pts
  9. Get a television show host or news reporter to mention the "Seattle Marathon on November 29th" or "Seattle Kids Marathon on November 28th", along with your username. - Video 50pts
  10. Find someone who is turning 45 and take a pic with them holding a sign that says "We make 45 look good #RunSea15" - Image 10pts
  11. The 45th anniversary gem is a sapphire. Is it a coincidence that this will be one of the colors lit up on the Westin towers this weekend? Let's see it. - Image 5pts
  12. Check out the Seattle Children's Kids Marathon on Saturday and cheer on those young athletes. - Image 10pts
  13. Volunteer at the bib pickup / registration area at expo. - Image 10pts
  14. Volunteer at the Kids Marathon - Image 25pts
  15. Traffic can be tough on race weekend. Why not take a Lyft? - Image 10pts
  16. if you're the type to put up your Christmas tree the day after thanksgiving, decorate it with your favorite running accessories. - Image 25pts
  17. Show us your favorite Hokas. - Image 10pts
  18. Don't be shy. We want to see your running-related tattoos. Bonus point if you show yourself getting a new one. - Image 10pts
  19. Make an ad explaining why you love running. Video - 25pts
  20. If the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon were to have a mascot, what would it be? Bonus points if you run the race dressed as this. - Image (combined image needed for bonus points) 10pts
  21. Is there a special person who is your reason for running? Post a pic of them with a brief explanation. - Image 25pts
  22. Are you staying at the Westin this weekend? Lucky you! Let's see that Heavenly bed. Make us jealous. - Image 5pts
  23. Make a commercial for your favorite product at expo - from the booth of that company. Tag the company in your post. - Video 25pts
  24. Pick your favorite Official Charity Partner and make a post encouraging others to donate to them.Image10
  25. The Macy's Thanksgiving parade and star lighting events happen just blocks away from Expo, but we always miss it. Help us be a part and bring #RunSea15Hunt to the festivities. Image or Video 25pts
  26. Post a pic with your training partner or running buddy. - Image 5pts
  27. Let's see a fashion show of you in your Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon gear. - Video 25pts
  28. Before & after: Thanksgiving dinner edition. - Image 5pts
  29. Post a quote from your favorite running hero. - Image 5pts
  30. Did we mention it's our 45th birthday this year? We love the happy birthday song! - Video 10pts
  31. Show us the next up-and-coming trend in running gear/accessories. We assume you're the expert, since you you just created it. - Image 25pts
  32. Show a picture of you submitting your entry into Amica Insurance's enter-to-win drawing at Expo. - Image 5pts
  33. Attend one of the Lecture Series sessions at Expo. From your seat, take a photo of the speaker. Tag @UWMedicine. - Image 10pts
  34. Find one of the 6 Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon Ambassadors at expo and take a photo of you giving them a high-five or other enthusiastic greeting. - Image 5pts
  35. Would you wear a baby's bib to bib and chip pickup? - Image 10pts
  36. Take a photo at the Amica Insurance photo booth at Expo or in the Victory Recovery Area. - Image 10pts
  37. Which exhibitor did you enjoy the most at expo? Show us why and tag them in your post. Image 25pts
  38. Make a photo for this caption: No expo is complete without it. - Image 10pts
  39. You might be due for a spine scan or leg massage. Go ahead and take care of that at the expo. - Image 25pts
  40. Thanksgiving weekend is a great time to find holiday gifts. Share a photo of a gift you picked up at expo, (even if it's a gift for yourself)Image10
  41. Runners need encouragement. Make a motivational sign at the Amica Inspriation StationImage25
  42. The UW Medicine Lecture Series provides a wealth of knowledge for the marathon runner. Sit in on a session and post your favorite takeaway. - Text or Image 25pts
  43. Even if you've never seen Lady & the Tramp, you know about that famous spaghetti scene. Let's see your rendition at the Carbo Load dinner. - Video 25pts
  44. There's a first time for everything. Let's see you sample something you've never tried before from one of the expo vendors. - Video 10pts
  45. On November 29th in 1944, John Hopkins hospital performed the 1st open heart surgery. Snap a pic at the booth that represents all sorts of organ surgeries. Include them as a mention in your post. - Image 25pts
  46. Did you know the Westin is pet-friendly? Bring your 4-legged buddy to expo and take a pic with them enjoying our animal-related vendors. - Image 5pts
  47. Show us what your pre-race meal looks like. - Image 5pts
  48. What does your race day outfit look like? - Image 5pts
  49. Deconstruct your race day kit. Let's see it. - Image 5pts
  50. Find the pacer who is running your goal time (either at Expo or on Race day). Take a photo with him/her and the pace sign. - Image 10pts
  51. Course marshall volunteers stand in the cold for hours to keep our participants safe. How about giving one a warm hug? (We suggest you ask first) - Image 25pts
  52. Snap a photo of a runner (not you) dressed in a costume. - Image 5pts
  53. Sign along (not sing) to the National Anthem or America the Beautiful at the start line. - Video 25pts
  54. Let's see the most scenic view on the race course. - Image 10pts
  55. Find Ambassador Meg dancing at the back of the start line. Take a video of the two of you doing the Whip & Nae Nae. - Video 25pts
  56. Post of photo of yourself and your results at the results terminal. - Image 5pts
  57. Volunteer as a course marshal and help save runners from the perils of Sunday morning traffic. Image - 50pts
  58. Make a music video documenting your Seattle Marathon experience. - Video 50pts
  59. Legend has it there's a group of volunteers who hand out gummy bears somewhere along the course. Find them and take a photo. - Image 10pts
  60. Use public transit to get to the start line. Show us your view. - Image 5pts
  61. Superheroes love marathons. Prove it. - Image or Video 10pts
  62. Hug a honey bucket. - Image 5pts
  63. Find the oldest person on the race course. Take a photo with them, their age and their bib number. - Image 10pts
  64. Show us how you celebrate finishing the race. - Image or Video 10pts
  65. On November 29th 1910, the first US patent for inventing the traffic lights system was issued to Ernest Sirrine. Show us thousands of pedestrians ignoring a red traffic light. - Image or Video 10pts

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