What routines do you have the night-before or morning-of a marathon?


The night before a longer run, it’s important to eat carbohydrates like pasta. In fact, the night before the marathon we’re going to attend the pasta dinner put on by the Seattle Marathon Association. Here, we can get fueled up for the race. 

The morning of the run, we’ll have carbohydrates again with a little bit of protein. We’ve experimented with a few different breakfast options that will help fuel us for the run without making us too full. Some good pre-run breakfasts are a bagel or English muffin with peanut butter, or protein pancakes. We’ve been getting the buttermilk Kodiak Cake protein pancakes for a few of our runs and they’ve been very filling. 

Before we hit the road, we’ll do a few stretches, and will have one of the gel blocks approximately 15 minutes before we begin. After the run, we plan to drink a lot of water or Gatorade. We’ll also use a foam roller, do more stretches and make sure to have some protein. Once the marathon is over, Will’s even planning to run straight to the nearest restaurant that’s serving nachos to celebrate!


§ Gillian and Will are employees of Amica Mutual Insurance and have received free entries into the 2017 Seattle Marathon from Amica Insurance for contributing to this blog.

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