The marathon weekend is here! Are you excited?


We are, but we’re also a little worried because some injuries have recently set us back in our training. Will’s shin splits have forced him to shorten some of his longer runs. And Gillian’s IT band injury from a past marathon resurfaced about a month ago. So, she’s been stretching and resting it in the hope that she will be able to run 26.2 miles on race day.

To help speed up our recovery, we’ve been using a foam roller, doing yoga and stretching. We’ve even adjusted our training schedule. This means, though, that we haven’t hit our 20-mile goal yet. We’ve also had to halt our hill training, which might hurt us come race day. At this point, we’re both nervous that we won’t be 100% recovered by Sunday. 

As amazing as this experience has been and as eager as we are to cross the finish line, we’re certainly looking forward to not having to get up early on Saturdays for training anymore!

We’re also really excited for the Expo, as we’ll be volunteering at the Amica booth on Saturday afternoon in the foyer of the Grand Ballroom. After that, we’ll enjoy some pasta with our fellow runners at the carbo load dinner!

900_PhotoFinish_SEATTLE marathon_COLLATERAL.JPG

During both days of the Expo, be sure to try out Amica’s Snapchat filter and a photo cut-out. We’ll also have a photo booth on Saturday inside the Expo near the goody bag pickup. We can’t wait to see all of your great pictures, so be sure to share them on social media this weekend using #AmicaPhotoFinish!

·  Gillian and Will are employees of Amica Mutual Insurance and have received free entries into the 2017 Seattle Marathon from Amica Insurance for contributing to this blog.