With colder weather approaching, we took a trip to the outlets to get some race day gear that will keep us warm and dry. We both got workout leggings to keep our legs warm during the run, and long-sleeved lightweight heat gear so that if it rains we’ll stay dry without getting weighed down.

We also went to a specialized running store this weekend to get Will fitted for running shoes. During our longer runs, Will had been running in an old and worn-out pair of sneakers. This was causing him some ankle, arch and shin pain.

At the running store, the attendant scanned the bottom of his feet and watched him run on the treadmill to see how he runs and how much pressure he was putting on different parts of his body. The attendant determined that Will needed a neutral shoe with support for his arches so he got molded custom insoles for some extra cushioning. These shoes should take him through the marathon. (Most running shoes last 300-500 miles.)

Gillian had been fitted for running shoes a few years ago at the running store at the Boston Marathon finish line. They ran with her around Boston to determine her running style and what kind of shoe she would need. Because she already knows what type of shoes she needs, Gillian was also able to get a new pair.

So now that we’re geared up, we’re ready to go! See you in a few weeks!

§ Gillian and Will are employees of Amica Mutual Insurance and have received free entries into the 2017 Seattle Marathon from Amica Insurance for contributing to this blog.

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