Greetings from Seattle! I’m Will, an Account Manager in Amica’s Seattle Regional Office. I’m originally from Massachusetts and moved here about 8 months ago.

The Seattle Marathon will be my first major run ever. Although I’ve played several sports, I’ve never run track, much less trained for a marathon. My longest run was a 5K. Before starting to train for the marathon, I’d never practiced long-distance running.

I decided to run the Seattle Marathon because I enjoy pushing myself and trying new things. I know that training for this marathon will be drastically different from training for other sports I have played, such as basketball and baseball.

I’m looking forward to the challenge of running in the marathon, and what I envision to be a rewarding feeling once I cross the finish line in November. I’m also excited to train with Gillian, another account manager in the Seattle office, who has considerably more running experience than I do. Training with someone who’s already done a marathon will provide great insight into what it takes to get ready, and I’ll go in knowing I am fully prepared. While I think that it’ll be difficult to go from no running experience to taking on a full marathon, I’m ecstatic for the opportunity to participate.

§  Will is an employee of Amica Mutual Insurance and has received a free entry into the 2017 Seattle Marathon from Amica Insurance for contributing to this blog.

Will and Gillian!

Will and Gillian!

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