We’ve mostly stuck to our training plan so far, but sometimes it’s been difficult managing our training schedule with work. Still, we’ve been consistent and are on pace for where we need to be. Saturday’s are our most challenging day of training because it’s a longer run – each weekend we try to tack on a mile to our previous distance. Each long run requires us to run further than we have in training thus far, and each week the last mile or two are major mental hurdles! This past Saturday we ran the Seattle Marathon 10K with two of our co-workers!

Gillian says – My biggest obstacle has been training for a major athletic event while working full time. I previously ran marathons in college. It’s been tough returning to marathon form after the long gap since my last marathon. While every week it gets a little easier, I’m still adjusting to being in training mode 24/7.  

Will says – I was most active in sports in high school and college. My biggest challenge is mental because I’m just not a huge fan of running. I’ve balanced this out by running while listening to some good podcasts like The Bill Simmons Podcast, the Ringer NBA/NFL shows and the NFL.com podcast.

Balancing work, training, sticking to a healthy diet, and maintaining a personal life has required lots of dedication and has been a serious time commitment, but we’ve been working together to plan meals and adhere to strict start times for training throughout the week.

§ Gillian and Will are employees of Amica Mutual Insurance and have received free entries into the 2017 Seattle Marathon from Amica Insurance for contributing to this blog.