Coach Ryan Hill at Hillrunner.com is offering Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon runners an exclusive low price on his Plan Builder and Online Coach programs.

Ryan is an RRCA-certified coach who has been helping runners via formal and informal coaching for over 10 years. He has been a runner for 25 years and is a 2:40 marathoner. He has coached runners from first time marathoners to those who have qualified for the Boston Marathon with over 20 minutes to spare.


Get a personalized training plan suited to your individual lifestyle and goals, designed by a real person.

  • $49.95 for a personalized 3-month training plan
  • Have Ryan review your training logs, then discuss your goals, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Ryan will then build you a personalized training plan.


The full package. Get a customized plan based on your personal strengths and weaknesses and your goals. Then, follow through with constant communication with Ryan as you execute the plan.

  • $59.95 per month for ongoing one-on-one training (3 month minimum)
  • Gain access to Club HillRunner.com, which includes membership to a private Facebook group, training videos and more in the future.
  • Have Ryan review your training logs, then discuss your goals, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Ryan will then build you a personalized training plan.
  • Ryan will review your training log weekly, adjust the training plan as needed and send you the next week’s workouts.
  • Questions via email are welcome and encouraged. Guaranteed response within 24 hours except during vacations.
  • Ryan will also be available, if you wish, wherever you are (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, instant messenger services, etc.)
  • If you feel a phone conversation is needed, you can request one at any time (after initial phone conversation, limit 1 hour per month)
  • If circumstances change, for better or worse, Ryan will work with you to adjust your plan and goals.
  • As your goal event nears, Ryan will help you plan your event execution.


Ryan began running in 1990 under the coaching of Indianhead Track Club Hall of Fame and Wisconsin Cross Country Coaches Hall of Fame member Dan Conway. He progressed from finishing last in his first race, a 7th grade 800 meter run, to becoming a conference champion (3200 meter run, 1995) before graduating from Chetek High School in Chetek, Wisconsin.

Ryan went on to run at NCAA Division III University of Wisconsin-Stout, where he was coached by current University of Chicago coach Chris Hall. He continued improving through college, graduating with personal bests of 15:43 in the 5K and 32:48 in the 10K on the track and 26:21 in the 8K in cross country.

Upon graduating, Ryan changed his focus to the roads, where he ran personal bests of 1:13:43 in the half marathon and 2:40:05 in the marathon.

Ryan has always been a student of the sport, reading everything he could get his hands on from and about coaches past and present, such as Arthur Lydiard, Jack Daniels, Gabriele Rosa, Mihaly Igloi, Peter Coe, Mark Wetmore and many others. He also is fascinated by the science behind the sport. He believes there has in the past been a lack of communication between running coaches and scientists and is looking for opportunities to bridge the gap.

Ryan has worked with runners from locally elite competitive runners to beginners. Most of the runners Ryan works with are those who are trying to achieve all they can while balancing work, family and many other responsibilities. Ryan believes that, while other parts of your life are rightfully higher priorities, you can still achieve a lot in running while keeping a healthy balance between the running and non-running portions of your life.



The Seattle Green Lake Running Group was created with the intent of creating a running community that supports and encourages a healthy and active lifestyle through group events and participation. Our goal is to try and have something for everyone and the more runners that attend events the better chance that there will be running buddies for all. Whether you're looking to increase your cardiovascular endurance, meet some new exercise buddies or have training partners for your next race you've come to the right place.

The Green Lake Running Group will be providing pacers for the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon 2017. Find out more about the group at our Meetup page.


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Run 2 Be Fit is a running community training company.  We focus on helping novice and experienced runners with guidance, support, motivation, and inspiration.

Run 2 Be Fit's “sister” group is the PNW Ladies Running Group.  PNW Ladies Running Group is for all women (all running abilities, goals, distances, etc.). This group is not just running. We do a lot of other fun stuff such as hiking, taking fitness classes together, movies, and more!  In particular, we are training for the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon and Half Marathon this year!

Find out more, by visiting us online:

Run 2 Be Fit website
Run 2 Be Fit Facebook
PNW Ladies Running Group
Run 2 Be Fit Instagram 
PNW Ladies Running Group Instagram



West Seattle Runner is a local running store that offers a training program. Find out more by emailing tim@westseattlerunner.com


ChuckIT Running offers a great in-person training program. Find out more at www.runningnw.com.