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Amanda and Lee Ann

2021 Ambassadors

Our names are Amanda & Lee Ann and we currently live in Minnesota! Our running journey began in 2017 during graduate school as we were looking for an efficient way to work out given the little spare time we had. We started with less than a mile and slowly increased our mileage until we signed up for our first 5k. We continued to challenge and push ourselves to reach new goals, and within our first year of running we completed multiple 5ks, a 10k, and even our first half marathon! We are currently attempting to run in all 50 states, and we are excited to visit Seattle for the first time in order to cross Washington off of our map! We love running because of the incredible community of people and their inclusivity. We enjoy running in new places because it provides us the opportunity to meet fellow athletes and create lifelong friendships. We can't wait to participate in our first Amica Insurance Seattle Half Marathon and to meet the fellow ambassadors and participants!

Amanda and Lee Ann

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