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Amanda Marie Sproule

2019-2021 Ambassador

Running is the only sport I’ve ever truly loved. My first marathon (and first race in almost 20 years) was the 2018 Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon. I knew it would be tough, but I reasoned that if I couldn’t run, then I’d walk, and if I couldn’t walk, then I’d crawl. It was one of the most challenging and incredible experiences that I’ll ever have, and finishing the marathon fulfilled a lifelong dream. I now train and run races of all shapes and sizes throughout the year.

If I look familiar, I also do theatre, which due recent guidelines, has moved online. I currently perform regularly on Twitch with Jet City Improv and The Torch Theatre. I have some chronic illnesses (including Lupus and Colitis), so life throws me some big curve balls that impact my running, including fatigue, spontaneous muscle tears, cellulitis, and inflammatory arthritis in most of my joints. I’ve managed to find ways to train that work well for me. My hope is that other people will find ways to conquer their dreams too.

My plan for this year is to do a combination of virtual and in-person races. I’ve had an unforgettable time as an Ambassador, and met so many amazing people. I’m so excited to be returning for 2021!

Amanda Marie Sproule

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