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Andrea Eason

2021 Ambassador

My name is Andrea and I’m a Washington native living in the Tacoma area. I started running in 2014 as a way to lose weight and get active so I could keep up with my husband and two kids. What started out as a couch to 5k turned into my first half and then my first full marathon at the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon in 2017...holy hills did I pick a first marathon! I love the race so much that I’ve run it every year since, sometimes the full and sometimes the half. My goals and passion for running have grown, including close to 50 halfs, 6 fulls, and a 50k. I love running for the mental health, the body strength, and the endurance I have learned. But even more so I love the community it creates. I love the energy and enthusiasm of start lines, the comradery and encouragement given to runners, the inclusion of all abilities and levels, and the joy of finish lines!

Andrea Eason

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