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Brandon Johnson

2019-2021 Ambassador

Running has given me the courage and strength to keep fighting. To never give up. It’s all about breaking those mental barriers and the consistent pursuit of growth. I grew up playing soccer and hated running! I went on to play at Highline community college (Scholarship program) for two years. I then played one year of semi-pro indoor soccer and decided to hang up my cleats.
Over the past 5 years I have found running to be therapeutic, an escape, stress relief, and my solution to the universe when life seems complicated and also full of joy!
I own a painting business in Salah, Washington that keeps me busy. When not working I can often be found working out at Sportfit Yakima, located at the Field House. My goal is to inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle through working-out, healthy diet, running and motivation. I believe I can qualify for the Boston Marathon within the next 3 years. My goals are aligned with my values and I know I can make this dream a reality. Hard work, sacrifice, determination, and family are my biggest assets.

Brandon Johnson

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