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Dharmesh Kumar

2020-2021 Ambassador

On one winter morning of November 2018, I got up and decided to go out for run. Little did I know that I was starting a new exercise regime that I would actually enjoy. The next morning, I went again, and since then I have not yet stopped. Many times I have tried to remember the reason for getting up and running that day but I cannot recall.
In January 2019, I joined a small running group. On each Saturday we ran (progressively), followed by tea and snacks together. It was a great fun and we kept on running. On conclusion of this running club, we ran in a variety of Seattle races, from 15Ks to Half Marathons. We continue to run and have snacks together.
Year 2020 started good for me. I completed a 10K and a 15K. I also got my both kids into running. We were excited to run lots of events for remaining year. Well, you all know what happened. Covid put a break on a lot of things, most running events got canceled. But I kept on running. One day, 1 saw 20+ snakes on a short 30 sec run stretch, another day deer and another day bear. By end of the year, I finished 2100 Km of total run distance.
Hoping this year will make world Covid free and life back to normal for everyone impacted.

Dharmesh Kumar

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