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Heather Clitheroe

2020-2021 Ambassador

I'm not the fastest runner. In a marathon, I'm a solidly at the back of the pack, watching the elites blaze past at a turnaround with open awe. But there is something incredibly empowering about being able to conquer 42.2 kilometers-- the sheer badassery of it, and the gumption. The realization that months of training has brought you to the finish line and carried you to the point where you can declare, proudly, that you are a runner.

In 2019 I started teaching running clinics at my local running store. I discovered the joy of being a part of somebody's run accomplishment. Watching that progression and the growth in confidence in others is a gift. I discovered that I didn't need to be the fastest or the fittest -- instead, I just needed to be the person who is supportive, builds an inclusive environment, and offers up endless puns and terrible run jokes. At the end of the day, it's the act of lacing up and hitting the pathways that counts.

If the border's open, this Canadian is coming down from Calgary, Alberta to run with you - or to be your virtual run buddy. We'll run safe, run fun, and run Seattle. See you at the finish!

Heather Clitheroe

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