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Ambassador 2023

I began running during middle school in India where I enjoyed warm up laps around the field and races during sports day. During college, running took a backseat, but l later rediscovered my love for running while seeing people enjoy their runs around the beaches and mountains.


After moving to the PNW and eastside Redmond, my passion for running was back in full swing. I started with 5K, 10K’s and then went on to complete 11 half marathons before realizing the challenge and fun of 26.2. In 2019, I completed my first Marathon in Vancouver followed by the Seattle, Boston, and Chicago Marathons over last few years. In 2023, I will be running Tokyo and Berlin world major marathons on my journey to complete all six world majors in the next few years. I always encourage my friends and co-workers to try running and discover the state of flow that will unlock focus and enjoyment in the process.


Long distance running has taken me to several beautiful destinations and given me the opportunity to admire amazing nature, flowers, birds, trees, trails, changing seasons and expand my love for music, listening to books and podcasts while running. The energy from running has made me mentally stronger and allowed me to set an example for my kids to participate in sports, kid’s marathon, and other outdoor events. My next goals are to complete all world majors and then test myself in an ultra. I recently added indoor rowing and weights to cross-train along with running.

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