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Andrea E

ELITE Ambassador 2023

The Seattle Marathon was my first full and has since been a tradition every year. Some years it’s the full and others it’s the half with both distances having their fun and their challenges. It always feels like an end of the year celebration…one where the running community comes out in the dark of early morning, braving the cold fall weather, and supporting one another along the roads, sidewalks, and trails of Seattle’s iconic districts.


Training throughout the year is such a fun part of running and it’s allowed me to meet so many awesome run friends as well as introduce friends to running. I love the sense of community that running creates, especially with inclusion of different paces, distances, goals, and reasons for running. As an ambassador I love hearing runners stories about their journeys and their whys when it comes to running. I can’t wait to meet more runners at events throughout 2023!

Andrea E
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