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Andrea M

Ambassador 2023

I’m so excited to be a part of the Seattle Marathon and to be representing the east side of the state. I have been a runner since high school, but to cope with life stresses and challenges, I really ramped up my running and my love grew. 

In 2022 I ran four Marathons (Mesa, Jack and Jill, Chicago, and New York), one half, and qualified for Boston. In January 2023 I ran the Houston marathon and I also plan to run Boston, New York, and Seattle. In Chicago I ran with St Jude and help raise money to support an amazing charity.


My goal for being an ambassador is to not only encouraged others to run, but to help people struggling with life to have a positive outlet. I’m currently a nurse practitioner working in jail and with patients who have a substance abuse disorder. I also work with youth who are incarcerated. In my career and helping this population I talk about positive outlets in life and encourage people to find theirs. Running is something I bring up. Because we are normal people who have bad days and life is not always fair or easy but running gives us power and helps us feel good. 

Andrea M
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