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Ambassador 2023

mother of 3, ultrarunner, and triathlete.  


I’ve always been very active, but after surviving a disabling illness, I came out the other side with a strong resolve to live life to the very fullest.  From 2012 to 2016, I ran tons of stroller miles, solo miles, and trail miles.  But it was not until November of 2016 that I ran my first marathon with the goal of getting that #BQ.  It was in my hometown, the Seattle marathon, a particularly hilly course, that I secured my first #BQ.  This first marathon was simply the beginning.  Deep into the marathon world, I have run 41 marathons to date, completed Boston 2018,2019, and 2020.  In July of 2021, I completed the Jack and Jill Marathon for a race PR of 3:05:27.    


  I’ve more recently delved into the Ultra and Triathlon worlds.  I’ve run about 5 50Ks, and ran my first 50 miler at Jackpot Ultras in which I won overall female and 2nd overall.  This spurned me on to sign up for my first 100 miler.  On June 26th 2021 I completed Strawberry Fields 100 miler in 21:27:47 (2nd overall) It was pretty brutal as race temps were at a high of 100-113 F.  Only 7 of us finished the 100-miler.  I have since run Never Summer 100k, several more 50 milers, and most recently the USATF 100 miler (March 3rd 2023) in which I was 2nd overall female & 7th overall, with a time of 16:42:54 (9:55 pace).   


In 2022 I simultaneously trained for an Ironman 70.3 while also training for ultras.  I finished the Boulder 70.3 Ironman and qualified for Worlds, as I was an age group winner.  I am racing the North America Ironman Championships April 22nd, 2023 in Texas.  Follow me on my journey as I prepare for IM Texas and several ultras, and some upcoming mountain adventures over the summer (Infinity Loop is on my list!). 

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