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Ambassador 2023

I’m thrilled to be a 2023 Seattle Marathon Ambassador! I live in central Washington and love to run outside. My first race was the 2005 Seattle 1/2 Marathon and I have been lucky to cross many finish lines since then including my first full marathon, the NYC Marathon this last fall. After my 9-year-old’s recent Crohns diagnosis, I signed up to run the Chicago Marathon for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation this fall. My 2023 goal is to run 1 organized run each month of 2023 and I’m looking forward to the familiar sights of the Seattle Marathon in November! 


I love running and the incredible amount of joy I feel from not only encouraging others to show up at the starting line with me, but also the community that brings me so much support and encouragement. I especially love that I don’t look like your “typical runner” and if that inspires even one person to believe they can run, then I’ve accomplished something great.


I can’t wait to cheer for you as you cross that finish line!

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