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Ambassador 2023

From the great Midwest city of Cincinnati Ohio, 4 years ago, I discovered running as a way to maintain good health and meet new friends. Since my first race in 2018, I have been addicted to the thrill of competition and have embraced running as a lifestyle. Last June in 2022 after driving across the country I arrived in Seattle Washington without knowing a single person. The amazing and vast running community in Seattle, quickly welcomed me in, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

As a runner I have a wide range of races under my belt, from the mile to 50-miles. My most frequented race is the half marathon where I have completed 10 races with a personal best time of 1:16:42. Additionally, I am currently helping other runners find their enthusiasm for the sport by working at Fleet feet Seattle. Finally, one of my most fulfilling endeavors was coaching and teaching marathon training at the University of Cincinnati for 1.5 years. For me, longevity is the ultimate goal. I like to say anyone can train a few months but imagine the possibilities, gifts, and stories if you could stick with it for a lifetime! It’s never too late.


My 3 favorite running books are “The Story of Ted Corbitt”- John Chodes, “The Science of Running”- Steve Magness, “You Can’t Hurt Me”- David Goggins

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