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Charity Partnership Program


The Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon has helped many local and national organizations raise thousands through its Charity Partnership Program. As part of the program, individual participants may register to support an affiliated cause and commit to fundraising as part of their marathon journey. By supporting a charity partner, runners are given the distinctive opportunity to make more of their marathon experience by not only accomplishing a personal goal on race day, but by giving back to a worthy cause.

For the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon, our organizations begin their fundraising platforms and recruitment of runners several months in advance of race day. Each organization, some specifically just volunteer-based with no paid-staff support, dedicate countless hours and resources to recruiting, planning, marketing, promoting and organizing their charity run teams. Depending on the capacity of the organization, runners can participate in training runs, team meetings, and meet-ups on race weekend.

For a list of participating charities, please visit You will find a specific description of each organization and a link to their fundraising pages.


Charity Partners can recruit runners in two ways: as part of one designated team or as individual runners. Many of our larger charity partners already have teams in place, which train throughout the year.

Our local and smaller organizations rely heavily on individual runners to represent them and to raise donations. 


As an official charity partner, organizations receive discounted entries to the marathon and half-marathon races. A team leader for the charity organization coordinates the distribution of these entries.


More than 1000 volunteers are needed over the 3-day race weekend for the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon. The bulk of volunteers are needed on race day to assist with water stations, course marshaling, finishers' area support and takedown.

In exchange for the official recognition as a charity partner for the marathon, charity partners must provide volunteer support (ranging from 15-30 people) for water station and 10 course marshal locations.

Charity partners are encouraged to decorate their assigned water station to support not only their team runners, but also the thousands of individual runners who endure the challenge.


Each organization creates its own fundraising platform, in which funds raised are returned directly back to the organization. No funds are filtered through the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon. So, every dollar raised directly supports the mission and services of our charity partners. The marathon prides itself in providing this direct fundraising link.

With the official designation as a charity partner, an organization receives more than $6000 in marketing and promotional support from the marathon. Charity partners will receive the following benefits.

  • Listing in the race runner's guide

  • Logo placement on supplemental print material

  • Listing and link on Seattle Marathon website

  • Access to Seattle Marathon social media resources

  • Discounted expo vendor booth

  • Discounted runner and information booth in the finisher's area

  • Discounted vendor booth at the SMA Summer 10K

  • Listing in the results issue

Most of the fundraising efforts is driven by the organization itself. The aforementioned benefits are available to each charity partner. It is up to the charity partner's discretion to utilize any or all of the benefits.

For info on becoming a Charity Partner, contact us.

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