Christine Caceres

I am a lawyer who started running in law school as an outlet for stress. Since then, I’ve turned running into a full time hobby! I’ve run four marathons so far (and numerous half marathons). At my last marathon in July 2019, I qualified for the Boston marathon (as well as the London marathon, Chicago marathon, and Tokyo marathon) for the first time! I am running my fifth marathon in April, and there, I am hoping to run a 3:25 or faster. After that, I will run the Chicago marathon in October and will sign up for the 2021 Tokyo marathon! My ultimate running goal is to run all 6 of the Abbot World Marathon Majors before I turn 40. 


I love to share the joy of running with the community I have felt the most connected to in years. Seattle is full of athletes, and the way I have met my closest friends here is through athletic events, such as this. I constantly talk about running.

Running has an incredible way of bringing people together, and I am so excited to be part of this running community as an Ambassador for the 2020 Seattle marathon! 

Follow Christine's training as he prepares for the 2020 Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon

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In addition to my running aspirations, I have gotten into triathlons. I will be tackling my first half Ironman in May in Victoria BC. I was never a runner before going to law school, but I am so glad I found it



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