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The Seattle Marathon Association invites you and your students to participate in the 2022 Seattle Kids Marathon.

School may look different, Covid has affected us all in profound ways and changed the way we live daily life. With after school activities and many team sports returning, the Seattle Kids Marathon is a fun and flexible ways to be active. The Seattle Kids Marathon is a great way to get kids excited about physical activity, nutrition, reading and the community they live in while rewarding them for their accomplishments. 

As a group leader, you decide how active a role you want to take in the program. We will provide all of the resources needed to make it a fun and successful experience for both you and your runners.

What is the Kids Marathon Program?
The Seattle Kids Marathon is an ongoing activity throughout the fall months that encourages kids to get active. It is structured to allow children – kindergarten through eighth grade – to complete a full 26.2-mile marathon at a rate that is fun and safe for their growing bodies “one mile at a time.”

The first 25 miles can be incorporated into fall curriculum, as part of an after school running program or sent home for families to complete independently. Miles will be tracked on the Run-O-Meter. All Kids Marathon participants from across Western Washington are invited to join together to run the last 1.2 miles of their marathon on November 26th 2022 at Gas Works Park.

The Read-O-Meter, Do-Right, and Eat-Right are extras to help promote healthy lifestyle and good community involvement.

The Kids Marathon culminates with all the kids running the final 1.2 mile together. Starting at Seattle Center and ending in Memorial Stadium, which is the actual finish line for the full Seattle Marathon the following day! On race day, kids will be awarded a medal, designed by a young runner, as they cross the finish line! They will also receive a space blanket, goody bag, and complimentary refreshments.

We recommend training to begin in October, so the kids are fit and ready for the final 1.2 mile run in November. We will send printed parent information letters, meters, award certificates and tokens to group leaders to hand out as students reach their goals.



Every Seattle Kids Marathon participant starts their running journey because one dedicated adult decides to make a difference. This can be a parent, teacher, counselor, or coach. It can be anyone with a passion for igniting the joy of running and inspiring kids to move and achieve more. It can be YOU. And the Seattle Kids Marathon fall program makes it easy.


We provide the resources you need to get started and to keep your runners engaged as they work towards their marathon goal. 

Click here to visit the leader's page for more information.


KIDS! Now's the time to submit your artwork and design ideas for the 2022 Seattle Kids Marathon medal contest.


All submissions will be reviewed by the SMA team. The top five will be sent to the Seattle Marathon Art Director to choose the winner.


The winning design will be featured on the 2020 Seattle Kids Marathon participant medal handed out at the Kids Marathon finish line.


The winner will receive a complimentary entry into the 2020 Seattle Kids Marathon and on race day he/she will receive special recognition and a commemorative award to display their accomplishment.


Download the entry form here.



Seattle Marathon Association

ATTN: Kids Medal Design Contest

PO Box 31849 Seattle, WA 98103



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  • Register

  • Find a safe place to run.

  • Walk or run 25 miles, eat 26 good meals, read 13 books and perform 13 do-rights (good deeds) before November 27th.

  • Come to the Seattle Center on Saturday, November 28, 2020 to run the final 1.2 miles of your Marathon!



  • Wear running shoes or sneakers and socks. Proper footwear helps prevent foot problems.

  • Run/walk with a friend. You can encourage each other that way.

  • Talk while you run/walk, you can maintain the perfect pace that way.

  • Stretch your legs before you run. Stretching helps prevent injuries. Hold each stretch for 20 seconds without bouncing up and down.

  • Drink lots of water after you run and throughout the day. Water helps muscles do their work.

  • Get plenty of sleep. Your muscles need lots of rest so you can keep running/walking every day.

  • Eat a well-balanced diet including lots of protein and carbohydrates. Your body needs fuel to do its work!



Below is a training schedule with suggested distances or you may set up your own schedule. If you can only run or walk a little, keep trying. If you run or walk more than a mile per day, great! If you play a lot of soccer or other sports where you run a lot, this may be easy. Just remember to space your workouts so you are prepared to run or walk the final distance on Marathon Saturday! Early completion of the program is not recommended. The schedule leaves Saturdays and Sundays available for make up days or to give you a rest day during the week. It is important to keep track of your progress toward your goal. As you complete each mile, color or mark off each mile on the Run-O-Meter.


6 weeks before race day: .5 mile / weekday = 2.5 miles total

5 weeks before race day: .5 mile / weekday = 5 miles total

4 weeks before race day: 1 mile / weekday = 10 miles total

3 weeks before race day: 1 mile / weekday = 15 miles total

2 weeks before race day: 1 mile / weekday = 20 miles total

1 weeks before race day: 1 mile / weekday = 25 miles total

Race Day! Saturday, Nov 28: 1.2 miles = 26.2 miles total


1. The first 25 miles are “honor” miles. Kids get the most from this experience if they earn these miles. Measure a safe, secure route, which will allow easy record keeping. A typical city block for example, is approximately 1/4 mile around. The track at the local high school is 1/4 mile around. You can even measure a route inside your home and run/walk it to reach the mileage goal. We encourage you to join your kids and being active a family goal. 


2. As your marathoner completes his/her goals, he/she can keep track of progress using the following trackers:

  • Run-O-Meter

  • Read-O-Meter

  • Do Right-O-Meter

  • Eat-Right-O-Meter

Daily record keeping is a lesson as kids chart their progress toward their goal.


3. Kids get the following awards for finishing each of these mileposts:

  • 13 Books: A special certificate

  • 13 Do Rights: A special certificate

  • 5 miles: Award token, chain and award certificate

  • 10 miles: 10 mile award token and award certificate

  • 15 miles: 15 mile award token

  • 20 miles: 20 mile award token and award certificate

  • 25 miles: 25 mile bonus award token

  • Final 1.2 miles: Kids will receive their finisher medal & certificate

Make the awards presentation a special time. Recognition is important!


4. The final 1.2 miles will start at 10:00am on Saturday November 28, 2020 at the Seattle Center. Kids and parents should arrive no later than 9:00am at the kids staging area located inside Memorial Stadium north bleachers. We will have pre-event activities and an award presentation. Make sure to bring your tracking meters so we can post them at the event on Race Day! Kids, parents and race officials will move from there to the Start Line together.


5. Please Note! Parents/Coaches, you may run with your child, but it is not mandatory. If you do choose to run, you will be required to wear a bib/runners number. For safety, no one is allowed on the course without a bib. Each child may have one adult accompanying them. Every child who enters the event will be given two bibs with the same number—one for the child and one for an accompanying adult. For lost parent/child reasons, the child and adult bibs will both contain the child’s information. If you have a younger child in a stroller accompanying you, that child will have to be entered in the event and have a bib number to be on the course.





11:00am to 8:00pm

Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon Health and Fitness Expo

1900 Fifth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101

*The EXPO at the Westin Seattle provides a great opportunity to participate in the total "marathon experience."


7:30am to 9:30am

First Tech Seattle Kids Marathon Memorial Stadium

401 5th Ave North, Seattle, WA 98109


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 28 2020 @ 10:00 am


The race starts at 10:00am on Saturday November 28, 2020 at the Seattle Center on Republican Street just outside of Memorial Stadium. Kids and parents should arrive no later than 9:00am at the kids staging area located inside Memorial Stadium in the north bleachers, to meet with team leaders, friends and participate in pre-event activities.  

Nearly 1,000 runners are expected to participate in this year’s First Tech Seattle Kids Marathon. Please allow time for traffic, parking and check-in. 


Kids, parents and race officials will move as a group from inside Memorial Stadium to the Start Line on Republican St. You are encouraged to accompany your marthoners to the start line and if you wish, run; walk with them. 


Map - check back soon for a map of the 2020 course


Spectators can watch participants along the course or as finishers approach inside Memorial Stadium.


Participants will cross the Finish Line inside Memorial Stadium, receive their participant medal, space blanket and water before heading to the post race festival inside the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. 


Participants and families are encouraged to celebrate their marathon completion at our post-race recovery area inside Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. Collect your goody bag, visit with sponsors, vendors, drink hot cocoa and enjoy some snacks. VRA open from 10am-Noon




MarathonFoto is the Official Photographer of the First Tech Seattle Kids Marathon. Smile when you see their photographers in the bright yellow vests and make sure your bib number is clearly centered and visible so they will be able to identify you.  MarathonFoto will also be at the finish line area taking photos to help you celebrate your accomplishment.  View and order your photos within 1 to 3 days after the race at  



The Seattle Marathon Association does not provide transportation to the Start Line. Local pay lots and street parking are available at or near the Seattle Center. The parking garage at Fourth and Mercer will open at 5:45 am. We recommend booking convenient and affordable parking in advance through SpotHero, the nation’s leading parking reservation app.To reserve your parking spot, visit The Seattle Marathon SpotHero Parking Page and book a spot with rates up to 50% off drive-up.

New to SpotHero? Click here to download the SpotHero app.

Be sure to allow time to park and walk to the Start Line. 



The Seattle Center Monorail provides fast transportation between the Seattle Center and Westlake Center. On weekends, trains run every 5-10 minutes from 8:30am-11pm.



For participants staying at The Westin Seattle, the Start Line is a 0.9 mile walk from the hotel. Head north on 5th Ave. Follow the Monorail track (running above 5th Ave.) to the start at 5th and Harrison.



For information on Metro Transit bus routes serving the Seattle Center, see the Metro website or call 206.553.3000.



Come prepared for a variety of weather conditions. Average temperature for late November is mid-40s (7 deg. C) with cloudy and calm skies. Late fall weather in Seattle is very unpredictable. There is always a chance of rain, wind, and colder temperatures. 

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