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The impact of COVID-19 has changed the shape of how we've conducted our lives and businesses over the past few months. As a small non-profit, we understand that this is a time of uncertainty for many people. However, it's also an opportunity for us to reaffirm our commitment and efforts to support healthy lifestyles and communities. We hope to embrace this opportunity (with your support) with action, compassion and hopefulness.

Here's our plan:



While the situation is constantly evolving, our events are still scheduled as follows:






  • We will continue to use CDC and local guidelines to inform the status of these upcoming events.



We have extended our early bird registration deadline for this year’s Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon to May 31 to ease some of the pressure of making immediate registration decisions. All other rate increases will remain as scheduled.



The COVID-19 pandemic has had a big impact on our small non-profit and the people we serve, just as it has with so many organizations and communities. At this time, we're asking for your help as we meet the challenge of supporting you, the running community. 


We're launching the Moving Forward Challenge to provide a way to earn your support while encouraging your health and training goals by providing incentives and resources for independent running under social distancing guidelines.


As an organization, we are proud to have been with this community through 50 years of running. We are familiar with the ups and downs of hilly terrain and course changes. We are grateful for your support over the years and look forward to seeing what we all can accomplish when we unite our efforts (even if that means keeping our distance for the time being).

We know that together we can go far.

Let’s see how far!

Lace up and join us (from at least 6 feet away) to see how many collective miles we can log as a running community between now and May 31st. And, you don't even have to run!

We're giving away great prizes and encourage you all to stay safe, stay active and to move forward in healthy ways. Walk, run, workout, indoors or outdoors, just log it and be counted regardless of your fitness level or age (kids included).

Here's how you can get involved in the Moving Forward Challenge: 

  1. Register for the Moving Forward Challenge to receive special swag and discounts. *You don't have to be registered to participate.

  2. Connect with us on Social Media. Use #movingforwardchallenge and #RUNSAFESEA in your social media posts.

  3. Log your miles and workouts (indoor and outdoor)

  4. Check back regularly for updates and additional ways to win!

Each engagement enters you to win one of our great prizes including race entries, gift certificates, and shop gear. Overall winners announced on June 2nd. But keep a lookout for weekly drawings and raffles on our social media platforms -- links below!

1. Register and get some cool swag to go with your challenge!



  • Bumper sticker,

  • button,

  • two prize entry to start,

  • and more!



  • Bumper sticker,

  • button,

  • race tee,

  • bag,

  • cap,

  • 10 prize entries to start,

  • and more!



 (Kids 12 and under)

  • Bumper sticker,

  • button,

  • race tee,

  • one prize entry to start,

  • and more!



  • Bumper sticker,

  • button,

  • race tee,

  • 5 prize entries to start,

  • and more!

You don't need to make a purchase in order to participate in the Moving Forward Challenge, but do you really want to pass up on this awesome opportunity to support our community, up your motivation, and help the Seattle Marathon Association keep on running? All swag and prizes mailed out on June 2 at the end of the challenge.


2. Stay Connected

We want to stay connected with you via FacebookInstagram,Twitter and YouTube.

Use #movingforwardchallenge and #runsea in your social distancing training posts. Each post will earn you an entry to win one of our great prizes.

Pro Tips From

Our Community

— Jeanette L.

"Listen to your body. Train with family members. Avoid people. Wear a mask!"

3. Log your miles and workouts.

Each day you log will earn you an entry to win one of our prizes.

4. FINAL Update

After 7 weeks, we've logged the equivalent of 4,582 miles together! That distance touches every country in continental North and Central America on foot! Thanks for Moving Forward with us.

Final Prize Winners are:

  • Sara C: Marathon entry

  • John L: Summer 10k entry

  • Coleen S: Summer 5k entry

  • Bonnie W: Shop Gift Certificate

  • Mark B: Shop Gift Certificate

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 9.50.42 AM.png

5/30/20: 4,200 collective miles. Kaylen W is the winner of our week #7 raffle!

5/22/20: 3,623 collective miles. Annie R-B is the winner of our week #6 raffle!

5/15/20: 3,253 collective miles. Essie B is the winner of our week #5 raffle!

5/8/20: 2,815 collective miles. Anelise C is the winner of our week #4 raffle!

5/1/20: 2,222 collective miles. Amelia H is the winner of our week #3 raffle!

4/24/20: 1,443 collective miles. Brandon J is the winner of our week #2 raffle!

4/17/20: 720 collective miles. Emily L is the winner of our week #1 raffle!

Log Progress

Staying safe while working out - practicing social distancing and wearing protective gear

How we live our everyday lives has changed dramatically since COVID-19 has spread around our world, this includes how we exercise.
While exercising is important for our mental and physical wellbeing it is important to practice appropriate social distancing and precautions.
The CDC has issued guidelines about using face coverings to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We've partnered with Clean Health USA, the sister company of our merchandise company, Alanic, to bring you discounted protective items while you're out and about. When you buy through the link below, you receive 7% off your purchase and an additional 7% of sales go to the Feeding America Program.

For a limited time (while supplies last), you can purchase KN95 masks and accessories and support community health and food security.

Use code: SMAAlanic7 at the link below to purchase masks for your family and friends.

Save 7%. Give 7% to the Feeding America Program.

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