Jennifer anderson

Running, training, and racing is one of my greatest joys in life, providing me with consistency and peace among the struggles of daily life, along with the ability to meet and relate with people from all around the world.  

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My latest passion is trying to complete the 6 Abbott World Major Marathons.  Last year I ran the Chicago Marathon and had the time of my life.  This year I have London, Berlin and NYC scheduled.  Through my running I have made friends around the world and they have become my family.  I look forward to meeting you at races throughout this year!!!

Follow Jennifer's training as she prepares for the 2020 Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon

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I ran my first 5k in Sept 2015 and immediately knew I wanted to run more.  From that day on I have been addicted to running races.  I have ran 3 marathons, 35 half marathons and a lot of shorter distance races.  I have found more and more about myself with each attempt.  While the feeling and accomplishment that accompanies every race, PR, and training session is difficult to put to words, I have been able to relate to so many people in the running community about the high that comes from running a solid race, the feeling of pride and elation at accomplishing a long-sought-after goal, and above all, the gratitude felt for being able to do what I love.  

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