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Keep the entire family healthy, active and motivated by walking, running and playing together. 

Try these age-appropriate active games to add more fun into your days with kids at home.

To keep the energy going this fall be sure to sign up for the Seattle Kids Marathon.


Kindergarten to Second Grade

Game: Follow My Lead

1) Start in a single-file line, at least an arm’s length away from the person in front of you. Everyone will start out jogging.

2) Next, the first person in line will call out a movement (skipping, sliding, galloping, hopping, jumping). Everyone will do that movement for 10 seconds.

3) After 10 seconds, the person in the back of the line will run to the front of the line. Now it is their turn to call out a command.

4) Repeat as many times as you want.


Third Grade to Fifth Grade

Game: The Dice is Right

1) Divide up into two teams and start each group behind a cone.

2) Place six numbered markers for each team on the other side of the outdoor area—face up so you can see the numbers. The first player in each group rolls a die and runs to find the numbered spot and brings it back to the team.

3) The next player rolls the die as soon as the first player comes back and goes in search of that number.

4) The teams continue until all six spots are collected, re-rolling as necessary if numbers have already been collected.

5) The first team to collect all of the numbers wins.

**Vary the distance of number placement based on ability of the players


Sixth Grade to Eighth Grade

Game: Obstacle Course

Think outside the box on this and utilize household items or sports equipment to create an obstacle course where you run, jump, side step and sprint. Repeat the course multiple times, the person who completes the course in the fastest time wins!


  • Lay hoops down on the lawn as an agility test.

  • Mark designated areas with cones to sprint back and forth.

  • Use a length of rope and do single-leg (or double!) lateral jumps over it.

  • Mark your driveway with sidewalk chalk to side-step or jump to designated points.

  • Be sure to create a finish-line banner for each participant to cross.


Take photos and post to social media to encourage friends and neighboring families to join you next time.

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