Kisha Majoros

I believe that anyone can be a runner or train for a race. I think when most people imagine a runner, I am not what most would picture. Luckily, the only requirement to be a runner…is to run. I’ve got that part covered. 

In 2018, after nearly 5 years in a row of running the Seattle Half Marathon, I made the commitment to train and complete the full marathon. In 2019 I ran it again plus many other shorter distances. In 2020, I'm hoping to complete at least 2 more marathons and achieve new PRs. Seattle marathon has been my favorite race to run and I can't wait to go back again this year.

Follow Kisha's training as she prepares for the 2020 Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon

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I'm a full time working mom of twin girls. My very first race was the Fremont Oktoberfest 5K in 2009. I have considered myself a runner ever since. In the last few months I've gone from a stroller pushing mama to that crazy person running in the dark.

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