Morgan Battrell

It may sound cliché, but simply put, running is the best thing I picked up in my life. I started running in 2009 when I was on my weight loss journey to lose 70 lbs. Every run teaches me something about myself from dedication, ambition, and perseverance - all which are transferable skills in my personal life. I’m extremely dedicated to the sport and helping others unlock their running potential.

Follow Morgan's training as he prepares for the 2020 Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon

Running deepens my personal ambition. After running my first half marathon in 2009, I immediately signed up for my first marathon. I asked myself, “What’s next?” after finishing the Indianapolis Marathon. I kept setting my sights on other goals: faster PRs, longer races, more selective races, etc. Now I have run 12 half-marathons, 2 marathons and more 5Ks and 10ks than I can count.

The energy from running translates into my personal life as well as I continue to challenge myself professionally, take on riskier projects and stretch myself past my comfort zone. Running through ‘the wall’ or the last mile has taught me perseverance. One day, during a really tough speedwork, I started chanting, “I’m the blood of the dragon,” which was Daenerys Targaryen’s mantra when her foes kept pushing her into a corner. I use that same motto to this day and in fact, have a dragon tattooed on my right arm to remind me during any tough day.

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