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RUN-raising for Good:

Making your miles count toward something more

In 2019, a new initiative called RUN-raising for Good was introduced. This initiative encourages runners to make their miles go further by fundraising for a marathon charitable partner or nonprofit of their choice.

Ten randomly selected participants received $1,000 toward their fundraising efforts. Donations were made to Borgen Project, Herren Project, Lifelong, PATH, Pat Tillman Foundation and Z-Girls.


If you are running in the 2020 Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon or Half-Marathon and fundraising, please review below for the eligibility requirements and how to enter.

Terms and conditions


Amica Insurance will randomly select ten Participants (as defined herein) to receive $1,000 toward their fundraising efforts (“Winners”). A Participant is an individual that is registered in, and completes, the 2020 Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon or Half Marathon. A Participant must fundraise for an Eligible Organization. The $1,000 donation from the Amica Companies Foundation will be paid to the Eligible Organization.

Winners are not required to obtain an insurance policy with Amica Insurance or be a current policyholder. A Winner will not be selected more than once.

Participants in the VIRTUAL Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon and Half Marathon are eligible to participate, but must submit their race times before 11/29/2020, 5:00pm PT.


Eligible Organizations


The organization must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and fall under one of the following categories:


1. Education

2. Arts, culture and humanities

3. Environment and natural resource conservation and protection

4. Wildlife, animal protection and zoos

5. Health care, health research, hospitals and clinics

6. Affordable housing and shelter for the homeless

7. Youth development programs

8. Human and family services

Donations directed to religious organizations, individual places of worship or organizations that promote a political agenda do not qualify.

To enter into the raffle, please email with your name, telephone number, nonprofit you are fundraising for and a link to your fundraising site, if applicable, no later than 11:59 p.m., Saturday, Nov 7th.

Disclaimer: If the race is cancelled for any reason, donations will not be made.

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