Volunteering for Groups

The Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon has rewarding volunteer opportunities for your group, organization or business. We have positions to fit any size group - from 1 to 100!

When & Where

  • Saturday, Nov 26, 2022

  • Seattle, WA

Perfect for Every Type of Group


  • Sororities & fraternities

  • Key clubs

  • High school clubs

  • University clubs

  • Running clubs

  • Car clubs

  • Nonprofits & charities

  • Community service groups

  • Businesses

  • Boy/Girl Scouts

Why Volunteer?

  • Valuable exposure for your brand, product or cause

  • Promote fitness

  • Team building

  • Community service

  • Goodwill in the community

  • Volunteer experience

  • Event planning experience

  • Verifiable volunteer hours with a certificate of completion

  • Leadership experience

  • Discounts on participation in Seattle Marathon events

  • Fun swag, including a Seattle Marathon Volunteer shirt

  • The gratitude of 1000s of runners and walkers

  • It's really fun!


Water Station - along course

Water stations are the premium opportunity for groups looking for exposure and direct contact with runners and walkers on the course. Groups can operate their own water station with group sizes of 10-20 volunteers. Smaller groups can participate as a team at a water station along with other volunteers.


Group volunteers can wear clothing with organization or business logos and branding, providing valuable exposure for your organization or brand. You can bring additional people to cheer on runners, hold signs and banners, etc.

We're open to fun and creative ideas that enhance the race experience for our participants. Just let us know what you want to do, and we'll work with you to make it happen!

Position Details:

Water stations are positioned approximately every 2 miles along the marathon the marathon/half marathon course, all outdoors. A road race cannot happen without water stations. This is a vital position. Fill water and Gatorade cups for runners to pick up as they pass. Pick up dropped empty cups and general course clean up. This is a great option for groups of volunteers that want to work together. There are various shifts and locations for this position.


Water Stations are perfect for groups of all ages. A group can fully operate a water station with 10-20 volunteers. 

Course Marshal - along course

Course marshals are a great opportunity for small or large groups to play a vital and very visible role in running the event. We also have a unique opportunity for car clubs, car enthusiasts and dealerships to park their vehicles along the course in the area that they are responsible for course marshaling. Course marshals can work individually or in groups to direct runner and vehicle traffic along the course. Additional members of the group can provide encouragement to runners with signs, banners, etc.

Position Details:

Course marshals are stationed in various positions along the marathon/half marathon course to ensure runner safety, all outdoors. A road race cannot happen without course marshals. This is a vital position. Monitor locations along the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon course; ensure the safety of the participants. There are various shifts and locations for this position.


Course marshals provide a vital service to race participants by directing runner and vehicle traffic, ensuring the safety of everyone. Volunteers can work individually or in groups. The extra members of the group can provide cheer and encouragement to participants.

Apparel Wrangler - Husky Stadium

If you'd rather be at Husky Stadium than out on the course, we have a brand-new exclusive volunteer opportunity on the field at Husky Stadium that may be perfect for your group. The apparel wrangler position involves sorting and organizing all the leftover shirts after the event. This is perfect for a group of 15-20 people (or more) with great  organization skills. A perfect opportunity for team building. In addition to the normal volunteer perks, each volunteer for this job will receive a complimentary 2022 Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon participant shirt. Saturday, Nov 26 from 1-5pm.

Bag Check - Husky Stadium

Another exclusive opportunity at Husky Stadium that may be perfect for your group is operating the bag check kiosk at the event. This is perfect for groups of 15-20 people of all ages. And a great opportunity for service and team building.

FOR MORE INFO, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

To sign up your group, register here.