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The Seattle Kids Marathon is structured to allow children—kindergarten through eighth grade—to complete a full 26.2 mile marathon at a rate that is fun and safe for their growing bodies: one mile at a time. It also encourages kids to read, eat nutritious foods and perform good deeds. Register to complete the program virtually or to finish the program in-person.

Let's Run. Run. Run.

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The Seattle Kids Marathon fall program is structured to allow children—kindergarten through eighth grade—to complete a full 26.2 mile marathon at a rate that is fun and safe for their growing bodies “one mile at a time.” It also encourages them to eat 26 good meals, read 13 books and perform 13 do-rights (good deeds).

Start your marathon journey at a pace that works for you then join together either virtually at anytime or in-person on November 25th to run the final mile together. 

The Seattle Kids Marathon is teaming up with The Sports Institute at UW Medicine. This collaboration connects students who participate in The Daily MileTM with the Seattle Kids Marathon experience. If your child participates in The Daily Mile at their school, they can register for this year’s Seattle Kids Marathon with a special code. Ask your child’s teacher for an event code or to learn more about the Daily Mile Program click here.



  • ​Register

  • Find a safe place to run.

  • Walk or run 25 miles, eat 26 good meals, read 13 books and perform 13 do-rights (good deeds) before Thanksgiving.

  • Thanksgiving weekend schedule your final 1.2 miles, plan a route close to home or join us at Seattle Center!


  • Wear running shoes or sneakers and socks. Proper footwear helps prevent foot problems.

  • Run/walk with a friend. You can encourage each other that way.

  • Talk while you run/walk, you can maintain the perfect pace that way.

  • Stretch your legs before you run. Stretching helps prevent injuries. Hold each stretch for 20 seconds without bouncing up and down.

  • Drink lots of water after you run and throughout the day. Water helps muscles do their work.

  • Get plenty of sleep. Your muscles need lots of rest so you can keep running/walking every day.

  • Eat a well-balanced diet including lots of protein and carbohydrates. Your body needs fuel to do its work!



Below is a training schedule with suggested distances or you may set up your own schedule. If you can only run or walk a little, keep trying. If you run or walk more than a mile per day, great! If you play a lot of soccer or other sports where you run a lot, this may be easy. Just remember to space your workouts so you are prepared to run or walk the final distance on Marathon Saturday! Early completion of the program is not recommended. The schedule leaves Saturdays and Sundays available for make up days or to give you a rest day during the week. It is important to keep track of your progress toward your goal. As you complete each mile, color or mark off each mile on the Run-O-Meter.


6 weeks before race day: .5 mile / weekday = 2.5 miles total

5 weeks before race day: .5 mile / weekday = 5 miles total

4 weeks before race day: 1 mile / weekday = 10 miles total

3 weeks before race day: 1 mile / weekday = 15 miles total

2 weeks before race day: 1 mile / weekday = 20 miles total

1 weeks before race day: 1 mile / weekday = 25 miles total

Race Day!: 1.2 miles = 26.2 miles total


1. ) The first 25 miles are “honor” miles. Kids get the most from this experience if they earn these miles. Measure a safe, secure route, which will allow easy record keeping. A typical city block for example, is approximately 1/4 mile around. The track at the local high school is 1/4 mile around. You can even measure a route inside your home and run/walk it to reach the mileage goal. We encourage you to join your kids and being active a family goal.

2.) As your marathoner completes his/her goals, he/she can keep track of progress using the Seattle Kids Marathon trackers (mailed to participants starting in September).

​3.) Please present the award certificates and tokens to your child at 5, 10, 15 and 20 miles. Special Read, Do-Right, Eat-Right and Run Certificates are also included and should be handed out for each goal reached. Make the awards presentation a special time. Recognition is important!

​4.) The final 1.2 miles

VIRTUAL PARTICIPANTS - After completing 25 miles of running, help make the final 1.2 miles of the kids marathon special! Virtual participants can make it special wherever they are. Plan the final 1.2 mile run in a safe location, set up a finish line and invite family and friends (from a safe distance) to come cheer. Present the Kids Marathon Medal and Finisher Certificate as your participant crosses their finish line and then celebrate! 


IN-PERSON PARTICIPANTS - Join other runners from the Seattle area at Seattle Center on Friday November 25, 2022 for run the final 1.2 mile course. After crossing the finish line participants will receive their finisher medal, Finisher Certificate and Goody Bag. In-person participants will have race photos available for purchase from MarathonPhoto. 


All participants must wear their official Bib Number pinned to their front. To claim your Bib Number, come to one of the following locations and times.

Date/Time Location

November 25, 2023 (Saturday)

(Check-in 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.) 

Seattle Kids Marathon Staging Area

Seattle Center



More than 200 kids are expected to participate in the Seattle Kids Marathon, so traffic may be a challenge and parking will be at a premium. Parking at Seattle Center is available as well as limited on-street parking.









A map of the route is included and will be available both at the EXPO and the Kids Staging Area.






After the kids cross the finish line, they will receive their finisher medal, water, goody bag and space blanket. Kids then proceed through a secure finisher chute to the finish line celebration area where participants can visit vendor booths and take pictures in front of marathon photo backdrops.



Every Seattle Kids Marathon participant starts their running journey because one dedicated adult decides to make a difference. This can be a parent, teacher, counselor, or coach. It can be anyone with a passion for igniting the joy of running and inspiring kids to move and achieve more. It can be YOU. And the Seattle Kids Marathon fall program makes it easy.


School this year may look different, with after school activities and sports cancelled kids need fun ways to stay active. The Seattle Kids Marathon is turn key program that is easy to add to your fall curriculum. We provide the resources you need to get started and to keep your runners engaged as they work towards their marathon goal and beyond. 

For more information about being a group leader contact us at

We're partnering with The Sports Institute at UW Medicine to get more kids moving

We're excited to announce our new partnership with the Sports Institute at UW Medicine to help children access even more opportunities to move this fall.


This collaboration unites two existing programs – The Daily Mile™, an initiative led by The Sports Institute in Washington state elementary schools, and the Seattle Kids Marathon – and will help build awareness of low-cost opportunities for kids and families to stay active during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Sports Institute has already been working with educators and school administrators across Washington state to integrate 15-minutes of physical activity into the school day. The Seattle Kids Marathon gives teachers a tangible way for their students to be more active outside of school.

This year’s Seattle Kids Marathon will be held virtually (October 1 - December 15) and is open to students from kindergarten to eighth grade to complete a full 26.2 mile marathon at a rate that is fun and safe for their growing bodies, one mile at a time. In addition, students who participate in The Daily Mile can register for the marathon at a discounted rate. Scholarships are also available.


“Now more than ever – as schools remain closed to in-person learning and youth sports are sidelined – our kids need fun, inclusive and low-cost ways to keep moving,” said Dr. Samuel Browd, director of The Sports Institute at UW Medicine. “By partnering with The Seattle Marathon, we’re able to help more kids in our community reap the benefits of physical activity. There’s no higher priority for us.” 


“Everyone who has participated in a marathon knows that race day is just one part of months of preparation,” says Louise Long, executive director of SMA. “We believe that is something everyone can appreciate, at any age. The Seattle Kids Marathon gives school-aged children the opportunity to experience the challenge, satisfaction and celebration that comes with goal-setting and working hard. Thanks to a virtual format and our partnership with The Sports Institute, we anticipate reaching several new schools and communities across the country with another way to get moving.” 


To learn more and get involved, visit


The Daily Mile is a free, school-based program that encourages children to run or jog for fifteen minutes every day to improve their health, concentration, and learning. The Sports Institute is working with The Daily Mile Foundation to improve the health and wellbeing of children in the United States, while identifying and understanding the connections between physical activity and improved academic, behavioral and health outcomes in students. Learn more at


The Sports Institute at UW Medicine works to expand participation and safety in sports. Since its founding, The Sports Institute has led first-of-its-kind efforts to legislate safe return to play across all 50 states and to advance best practices in sports safety. Based in Seattle, The Sports Institute partners across sectors and convenes experts, evidence-based approaches and research to encourage play and to make sports safer. The Sports Institute is a proud member of the UW Medicine community, one of the world’s leading centers for patient care, medical education and research.

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